Shopfront fit-out

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Shop fronts attract customers and make the first impression. In the decoration of the shop front, backlighting and signage is used.

Before Shopfront decoration, it is important to:

  • inspect the condition of walls & decorative elements (stucco mouldings, cornices, covings, windows, doorways)
  • create design estimates
  • estimate fit-out cost (taking into account labour costs, type of building materials, structures, construction equipment)
  • check if the repair or restoration of the facade is required.

London Shopfitters provide free inspection with one of our specialists who will:

  • identify the causes of damage to the decorative layer
  • create the list of works and provide an estimate
  • justify the possibility of using the right type of decorating building materials
  • explain if the use of construction equipment or special tools is required.

Information obtained during the inspection used in the preparation of the project estimate. This document contains drawings and our agreement (our responsibilities and works). The decoration design varies depending on the business location:

  • on the ground floor of a multi-story building
  • in a detached building
  • in the terraced building
  • listed buildings.