Shopfront repairs

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Destruction and aging of a building is a natural process. Damp accumulates in the walls, which contributes to the destruction. Timely shopfront repairs maintain the presentability of the building in excellent condition. The plaster layer will protect the walls from aggressive environmental influences. After all, only maintenance repairs of the shopfront can help extend the life of the entire building.


  • preparatory work;
  • alignment of walls;
  • painting works;
  • decorative finishing work.

Shopfront repairs and restoration may be required as a part of building maintenance.

Shopfitters London provides the following services:

  • dismantling of old decorative coatings;
  • disassembly of the destroyed brick;
  • extraction of decayed parts in wooden buildings;
  • replacement of dismantled segments with new ones;
  • treatment with fire-resistant, disinfectants, antifungal compounds;
  • the application of levelling layers to restore the deviation.

Before starting recovery measures, a detailed project is drawn up indicating the measures to be taken:

  • removal of the original decorating layer;
  • removal, repair, replacement of wall parts;
  • applying a plaster layer.

Top reasons that cause damage to the shopfront.

  • poor-fitting technology;
  • natural shrinkage of wooden shopfronts;
  • use of low-quality materials;
  • environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, precipitation, ultraviolet rays;
  • external influences (acts of vandalism, transport collision).

The prices vary depending on:

  • the type of building
  • the complexity of damage
  • the types of restoration repairs

Internal repairs

Shopfitters London provides emergency interior services for commercial premises.

  • Decoration and painting after leak
  • Fitting or repairing shelving and display units
  • Carpentry and Joinery services
  • Flooring repair or replacement

Shop front repairs are carried out in the event of:

The decorative plaster layer is damaged;

Wear and tear
A part of the structure or decoration is missing or broken;

Damp appears on the wall surface (stains from moisture). Before repair, we recommend cleaning the wall of the coating to check for cracks, decaying bricks.

The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned of the plaster remains. Then, treated with a hydrophobic coating and new decorating layer is applied.

Emergency repair

Shopfitters London offers emergency repairs for commercial premises in all London areas. We provide fast and reliable shopfront and interior services after accidents.

Our company offers quick 24-hour quote response for emergencies. We are able to organise and start works on site within next 48 hours.

Repair works by Shopfitters London.

We offer repair and decoration works, including:

  • Quick repair in commercial spaces. London areas
  • Dismantling work
  • the construction of walls and partitions
  • painting and plastering (levelling and painting walls and ceilings, wallpapering, tiling)
  • door installation and other carpentry
  • electrical wiring and installation of appliances
  • plumbing work
  • ventilation work
  • repair and cosmetic work
  • complete installation of shopfronts, advertising signs and exterior decoration.