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Bespoke joinery & Commercial Furniture

Bespoke Shop Furniture

Our company can produce and fit-out counters, racks, stands, display units and other products for your store.

We use the following materials: particleboard, MDF, glass, wood, stone, plastic

Our company develops and manufactures any trading counters, racks, cabinets of any complexity for your store or exhibition room.

We use materials such as solid wood, particleboard, MDF, glass, stone. Our designer will take measures and listening to your wishes. Then they draw up a design and make a cost estimate.

Bespoke Furniture Order


  1. Free consultation with a specialist;
  2. Measurements and preparation of technical specifications;
  3. Contract confirmation and sending to production;
  4. Delivery and installation of products;
  5. Final payment under the Agreement

Send us a design project if you have one, or a photo of the product pictures you would like to order. If possible, explain what materials, product sizes, and finishing options you prefer. If you want to get expert advice, then the easiest and most convenient way to do this is to call us on the phone or email with the request.

We offer a wide selection of custom-made office furniture in London. Experienced consultants will help you choose the sets that suit the needs of your office. When ordering bespoke commercial furniture from us, a project is drawn up for future design. 3D interior design with your furniture to see how it will look after installation. After the final project agreement with the client, the documents are signed.

The document indicates:

  • cost & size;
  • products and materials;
  • delivery time.

The average production time for furniture is 14 days.

The order is sent to production after signing the contract and the client makes 70% prepayment. The term for the manufacture of cabinet furniture under the agreement differs but usually 14-30 days. Wooden furniture may take 30-60 days (depending on the complexity).

Bespoke Office Furniture

Bespoke office furniture order in London. Our designer will help you determine the arrangement of office furniture in your premises. We can also install ready-made standard office furniture ordered by you.

If you have not yet decided on the future design of your office furniture, our designer can visit your office and discuss the project.

Commercial furniture for retail stores

Planning to launch a clothing store? You will need special trading equipment, which is best to order taking into account individual requirements and sizes. Shopfitters London company produces everything necessary for the work of the outlet.

With us, you will receive:

  • A complete set of equipment for a clothing store made of wood, chipboard, MDF, with installations.
  • Painting finished products (any colour).
  • Creation of design projects and visualisations.

The cost of works calculated taking into account selected materials, filling, accessories used.

Our consultant can offer you options for equipping a clothing store.

Design of retail store

Most trading floors are individual. Our designers develop the store’s design project, create drawings of shelves, display cases, counters, racks, changing rooms, arrange mirrors, brackets, mannequins in the retail space. All trading equipment is made strictly according to the drawings, we deliver it to your store. Our fitters install it at the places agreed upon by the project.

Our designers create trading equipment for stores:

  • women’s clothing;
  • men’s clothing;
  • sportswear;
  • children’s clothing;
  • underwear clothing;
  • boutiques.

Wall-mounted equipment for a retail store has frontal and lateral access to the goods. A wide assortment of island hangers can be used for various layout and hanging of goods. Painted island racks can be used to separate the trading area or highlight space.

NWL decorators can colour trading equipment: racks, hanging brackets, island racks and displays in any colour.

The trading furniture would become an element of the interior and the main attention of buyers would be drawn to the goods presented in the store. Gondolas and island hangers form the main island trading equipment. Gondolas and island structures in the form of cascading tables for knitwear and accessories layout are perfect for retail stores.

Custom-made furniture

Any commercial furniture can be made to order according to individual projects. Furniture can be made according to drawings, sketches or other technical specifications of the customer.

Bespoke joinery​​​​​​​

The materials we work with:

Chipboard, MDF, plywood, veneer, solid wood, HPL plastic. Metal, stainless steel, glass, mirror, plexiglass, paints and varnishes.

You can order the individual design of commercial furniture for the following items:

  • Counters & Showcases
  • Reception & Demonstration tables
  • Gondolas and island structures
  • Trading racks & Hung up display stands
  • Stools, chairs, benches, etc.

Commercial displays for bag stores. Cabinets for bags stores, racks for bags, shelving with cells for bags can be custom-made and installed by our fitters.

The most efficient use of the trading space

Using various trading equipment to demonstrate products presented in the store.

Lighting for the store should be bright enough, but at the same time, the goods should not fade from it. Shopfitters London recommends using only LED lighting, neutral light.

Always choose good quality materials for the store. We recommend our clients to use furniture from glossy MDF or solid wood finish with high-quality glass.

Our designers can create a project for your store, taking into account your corporate identity and all the rules of merchandising.

Shopfitters London work at construction sites where the installation of the interior is required in accordance with the design documents – sketches, drawings. We cooperate with contractors’ architects, designers, private agencies. We are part of NWL Builders Limited. Over the years, we formed bespoke furniture proposals for the interior of public or commercial buildings.

– Furniture.

– Wall decoration.

– Partitions for offices: sliding, mobile, glass.

Our company provides services for

– Business centres & hotels;

– offices & housing estates;

– fitness clubs & other facilities.

We work for you! We turn your ideas into reality.

If you have your own architectural work plan, we will implement it in exact detail.