Interior fit-out & repair

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Shopfitters London specializes in fit-out work of any complexity. Our qualified personnel have wide experience in this area. Our workers only use good quality materials to fulfil the most non-standard orders.

We carry out both interior fit-out and shopfront decoration.  Our main specialization is commercial real estate fit-out in London. Our London shopfitters carry out repair and decoration work for non-residential premises.

The services we offer include:

  • floor laying, screed and raised floors;
  • painting and plastering;
  • installing plasterboard and glass partitions;
  • installing suspended ceilings;
  • installing doors and windows;
  • tilling and natural stone laying.

A wide range of work allows us to perform turnkey projects on our own.

Interior fit-out

Shopfitters also perform finishing works for retail facilities, offices, shopping centres & boutiques. Our team selects the most wear-resistant materials for retail with the high footfall.

Shopfront fit-out has a limited budget and requires the use of hardware materials. We work with wholesale suppliers to offer reasonable prices for London shop finishing.

Among other types of commercial premises, we carry out bank decorations. This market segment distinguished by rather high requirements for shopfitting contractors. Banks are attentive to the quality and work culture. Also, reliable contractors are necessary for bank fit-out because of increased standards for security systems and presence of cash points.

In addition to office-type premises, we provide customers with London fit-out services for restaurants, pubs and other catering establishments. Such facilities require increased attention to sanitary standards and waterproofing, and we are always ready to advise you on these aspects. Another feature in the restaurant fit-out is extreme deadlines – after all, every day is a profit loss for a closed restaurant. Yet, we do not recommend rushing as this could affect the quality of the final result. In the long run, it’s cheaper to do everything right and once rather than redo low-quality repairs frequently.

Among the various types of commercial shopfitting that our company carries, hotels occupy an important place. Our shopfitters in London perform full hotel refurbishment including first fix and second fix installations, as well as a separate trade repair. Depending on customer needs, we provide a free quote for hotel repair works of any complexity.

Regardless of repair type and finishing work you need; we will be happy to advise you and provide a free estimate for complete fit-out. Click Contact Us to arrange a free consultation with one of our specialists who can provide you the prices for commercial fittings.