Tiled Shop Fronts

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Shop front tiling

Decorating the exterior of the building with tiles has been used for a long time. The Tiled Shopfront looks expensive, solid and fashionable. The attractive design draws the attention of potential customers. And contributes to the popularity of the business. The quality of the finish must be given the closest attention.

For Shop Front Tiling, these types of tiles are

  • Porcelain tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Decorative brick tiles

The advantages of shopfront tiling:

  • Moisture resistance (1-4%)
  • Durable § Aesthetics (various colours, sizes, shapes)
  • Does not fade in direct sunlight
  • Easy maintenance

Shop front tiling​​​​​​​

Decorative brick tiles are made of clay and have phenomenal strength and durability. It is suitable for both the facade and stairs, due to its strength. Also, this tile has a very good moisture absorption coefficient from 1 to 4%. Which means that moisture does not get into it and it is resistant to corrosion and can serve you for 100 years.

For exterior decoration, a variety of high-quality materials are used. The criteria for it:

  • wear resistance o moisture resistance
  • dirt-repellent surface
  • resistance to fading in the sun & temperature fluctuations
  • fire resistance

These qualities ensure the continuous operation of the premises without frequent repairs. These requirements are met by a wide range of finishing materials. That are used by our Shopfitting team.

External rendering

After rendering the exterior can be painted. Plaster has high moisture resistance. It is resistant to fading and other adverse external factors. Also, it is perfectly combined with various decorative elements. Such as outdoor coving & cornices, stucco moulding, timbered, bringing a unique, recognisable design.