Signage installation

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Our company offers:

  • Shopfront Sign and signboard installations
  • Dismantling of shopfront signboard and signs

Our installers have all the necessary equipment to carry out work quickly and efficiently.

How the installation of outdoor advertising is carried out?

Installation of shopfront signs requires compliance with certain technical requirements and safety rules. Shopfront signboards are often installed on busy streets with high traffic. This creates certain risks that must be considered before starting work. Weather conditions such as wind and rain also worth considering. The process requires experience and the availability of special equipment. Often, the assistance of industrial climbers is needed for installation.

Shopfitters London uses high-quality materials and modern equipment for the installation of signs.

Our experts calculate potential risks and take measures to avoid emergency situations.

Depending on the height and location, we use:

  • aerial platforms
  • scaffolding
  • other devices for installations and dismantling

Depending on the signboard structure and design it is important to take into consideration wind load. In London, wind pressure can be very strong, especially if a large area sign is placed on the roof. Depending on the complexity of the advertising structure and its location. The installation requires the use of special equipment or the involvement of industrial climbers.
When dismantling, there is a need for waste disposal according to the local regulations. Incorrect disposal can lead to problems for the shop and large fines from councils.

Our London Shopfitters carry out the installation of shop front advertising.

Installation of Shopfront Signboards.
This option is placed on the building shopfront (above the entrance, between the windows). The weight of the signs and the type of the material to which they are attached are taken into account.

Installation of Shopfront Banners.
Advertising of this type is placed on large planes (walls of buildings, billboards) and stretched between the supports. The large sizes and weight of the advertising banner, as well as the wind load attributable to it, are taken into account

Installation of Shopfront Hanging signs & Projection signs.
This type of outdoor advertising is installed on the walls of buildings. When choosing the mounting height attention is paid to the building architecture, features of street lighting and traffic.
Shop front hanging signs installed quite simply. But the presence of additional lighting requires the use of special tools. In order to draw the attention of potential clients from distance projecting signs are used where permitted. Existing clients locate your brand, product, service, much quicker and easier when using hanging signs. The shopfront hanging sign is mounted perpendicular to the exterior facades of the building.
To reach more customers the signs can have a two-sided design, complemented by inside or outside lighting.

Installation of Shopfront Signage Letters.
Shop front sign letters are an alternative to massive banners and signboards. During the installation of signage letters, we take into account what type of backlighting is used. Sign letters attract customers’ attention. Letters usually made of metal or plastic cases, a front part made of plexiglass and a lighting system. Sign letters can be used outside on the shopfront or in the room interior. With its help, the company draws up attention to the name, logo or other inscription.

General rules for sign fit-out.

The price is calculated based on:

  • type of advertising
  • installation location
  • complexity of installation
  • number of specialists required

At Shopfitters London our experienced managers will help draw up an action plan. As well as choose the best tools for the job. In preparation for the installation of shop front signs, our team takes into account a number of factors:

  1. Sign Location. The choice of installation method depends on how and where the signboard is fixed:
    – above the shop entrance
    – between the windows
    ​​​​​​​– on the roof
  2. Sign Weight. For the installation of large and bulky structures, special equipment may be required.
  3. Sign Loads & Pressure. The advertising affected by temperature fluctuations, humidity, precipitation, wind, and other weather challenges. When installing signage, this must be taken into account to choose suitable mounting methods.
  4. Sign Materials. A suitable installation option is selected depending on the base and the weight of the structure.

Our fitters are experienced to carry out the installation of advertising signs. Contact our experts at Shopfitters London to book a detailed free no-obligation consultation.