Partitioning & Walling

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For effective space zoning, various types of partitions are used, the price and complexity of installation vary. Shopfitter London performs the installation of any partitions used in commercial real estate.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions

Popular in the repair and decoration of offices and shopping centres.

They create an aesthetically pleasing environment and stylish workspace.

Mobile Room Dividers (Freestanding or Foldable partitions)

Mobile Room DividersPopular in arranging office spaces due to their lightness, low cost, and ease of installation. They usually consist of plastic panels with a lightweight frame. As a rule, the height of mobile partitions ranges from 1.5-2 meters. Their main purpose is space division and to create a sense of isolation and security among employees. However, mobile room dividers have zero soundproofing properties.

Sliding or Folding partitions

Sliding or Folding partitionsMovable walls have a special rail system along which the panel moves. Sliding partitions are often used when it is necessary to transform two small rooms into a large conference room. Shopfitters London installs both plain and glass movable walls, depending on the purpose of the premises and the preferences of the customer. It is important to remember that all movable walls are custom-made after individual measurements, and their delivery time is usually at least two months.

Plasterboard aka Drywall construction is used for:

  • suspended ceiling installation;
  • wall cladding;
  • installation of interior partitions.

Plasterboard aka Drywall​​​​​​​

Plasterboard is widely used in residential and non-residential premises in the UK. It is a panel of densely pressed cardboard sheets and calcium sulphate dihydrate (gypsum) composition with fillers that give strength and durability. The plasterboard is lightweight, fireproof, environmentally friendly and easy to install. Plasterboard structures – ceilings and partitions – make it possible to rearrange the space, making it more convenient and comfortable.

In each case, the installation of drywall constructions is characterized by a high speed of work and the absence of building waste. In addition, drywall constructions allow you to hide wires and pipes. If during installation a layer of soundproof insulation added, it significantly increases the level of comfort of the premises.

In the construction of drywall partitions, a metal frame is used. The frame is sheathed with drywall panels and space between them is filled with insulation and/or a layer of soundproof materials.