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Floor installation is one of the finishing processes. The laying method is selected depending on the floor type. It is best to hire professionals since there is a risk of damage to the flooring surface if it is installed incorrectly. Prior to the floor fitting, the surface is levelled using one of the appropriate methods. The choice of a specific method depends on what the base of the floor consists of – concrete, wood or other materials. Our shopfitting experts can provide you an accurate and detailed quote with advice for best practice.

Wood floor installation

Wood floor installation

There are two types of wood flooring: engineered wood floors and solid wood floors. Before any wooden floor installation, subfloor preparation works should be carried out in the following order:

  • repair or replace old joists and beams;
  • eliminate cracks, splits, sagging, moisture issues at the base on which the new floor will be laid;
  • insulate timber joists and hide wires and pipes under the floor;
  • lay subfloor – chipboard or plywood; After laying, the plywood should be levelled using rough grinding.
  • add protective underlay;
  • install wood floors and treat the surface of the wood plank with protective solutions that prevent their decay and drying out.

The installation of a wooden floor has both its pros and cons. The coating lasts a long time and perfectly resists mechanical damage and moisture, but the cost of materials and fitter’s price can be higher than other options.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

The low cost of the laminate makes it one of the most affordable flooring options, but it also requires the preparation of a solid foundation. Laminate flooring is easier than laying floorboards or engineered wood floors. This method is used in commercial properties because the laminate floor is easy to maintain and can last for years. Shopfitters London recommends using special Commercial Laminate Flooring for retailers where high footfall is expected, as it is designed for heavy use.

The process of laminated floor installation:

  1. preparation of a concrete or wooden subfloor base;
  2. installation of underlay and/or damp-proof membrane;
  3. place spacers between the wall and the plank, to leave space for normal laminate expansion after installation;
  4. start laying the laminate from the corner furthermost from the entrance;
  5. finally, in the 1st-row the longest board should be fitted; 2/3 laminate board placed in the 2nd row; the 3rd row should have 1/3 board and then the process starts again with the longest board.

The key advantage of laminate flooring is that it can be used immediately after installation. Shopfitters London dismantles floor coverings, carries out preparation works and floor installations in all London areas.

Our Shopfitters offer:

  • turnkey installation and repairs of all floor types;
  • affordable price per square meter;
  • qualified fitters who know their work and have all the necessary equipment for dismantling and installation;
  • effective removal of construction waste in accordance with local waste regulations;

You can find our prices and book one of the specialists by calling us or complete an online request form.

Cappet fitting

Cappet fitting

Laying carpets is one of the most common finishing works in-office repairs. There are two flooring options available for purchase: carpet roll or carpet tiles. Carpets create a comfortable and warm environment at any business premises. They contribute to heat and noise insulation. The variety of colours and patterns allows you to choose the flooring that is suitable for any commercial business.
Our carpet fitters are ready to take on any carpet laying job, the price of the service will depend on the coverage area and the complexity of the work.

Carpet Laying Guidance from our Carpet Fitters.

Firstly, it is necessary to accurately measure the room, especially recesses and doorways. When using carpet tiles, the installation waste is usually 5-8% of the total material square footage. For carpet roll, trim waste can reach 15% or more due to the cutting of rolls to the shape of the rooms, as well as the need to observe the direction of the pile.
Carpet Rolls are usually cheaper, but, on the other hand, carpet tiles are more convenient to use, because it makes it easy to replace a damaged or irreparably soiled area. It is enough to replace only one tile, which is incomparably easier than to replace the carpet in the entire room.
Carpet can only be laid on a perfectly flat surface. To do this, on top of the concrete slabs, an arrangement of screed with the top layer of a self-levelling composition is performed.
Before starting work, the rolled carpet is spread on the floor and allowed to acclimatize. It should straighten, get used to the temperature and humidity of the room. If you are laying carpet tiles or carpets from several pieces, then the patterns and pile on their surfaces should match.

Carpet Fitting in detail.

In addition to the floor size in the premises and the complexity of the layout,  the carpet installation price is slightly affected by fitting techniques used:

  • Glue-free laying is used to finish the floor in a small room when the carpet is laid as one piece (without joints). The carpet is levelled, the excess is trimmed, and the edges fixed with a gripper.
  • Carpet Flooring on double-sided tape is a popular and easy way. Double-sided carpet tape is easily applied to the surface of the screed, does not stain it and can be easily removed.
  • With the adhesive method, the carpet is glued entirely, which increases the strength and durability of the installation. This method is the most popular for the decoration of large area rooms.

Shopfitters London offers the installation of carpets in offices, retail and other non-residential properties. For a detailed calculation of all necessary repairs, please contact our team.



Tiling is an essential element of the final repair on the premises. Porcelain or ceramic hardwearing tiles are well suited for regular cleaning and often used in shops, restaurants, toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. How to choose the right material and where to find a good tiler?

Every customer wants the cost of tiling to be low and the quality of work to be high. Moreover, there is a number of additional works needed to prepare the foundation prior to tiling. Shopfitters London tilers are ready to help you.

We have qualified tilers who will lay ceramic tiles and guarantee high-quality performance, confirmed by many years of practice. The company has extensive experience in carrying out tile work at various types of facilities using different materials.

Why Choose Us?

– Efficiency. Our tilers carry out quick and efficient installation works without compromising quality.

– Range of services. Shopfitters London can help you choose materials and ready to provide a wide range of additional services – demolition works, wall plastering, screeding works, and other preliminary works.

– Individual approach. Tiling requires certain skills but also taking into account the specifics of the premises (ceiling height, the condition of the walls, the layout of the room where tiling is carried out – careful attention to these details allows tilers to provide the highest possible quality of the installation.

– Flexible pricing. Our prices vary depending on the amount of work and the condition of the property. We will help you find the best solution through our individual approach and accurate cost estimation. For large commercial premises, we offer payment plans at different stages of work.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring​​​​​​​

Flooring is the most affected part of any room: it is constantly subject to mechanical stress, abrasion, and pollution.

Shopfitters London offers the easiest, most economical and optimal way to protect the floor by fitting linoleum.

Linoleum Pros:

– Water-resistant. If fitted properly, linoleum absolutely does not let water through. Even the most budget-friendly types of this material have excellent water resistance.

– Durable. Linoleum flooring reliably protects the floor from external influences. For many years, the flooring does not wear, crack or lose its original appearance.

– Linoleum has a huge selection of colour schemes and patterns. Choosing the best option for a specific interior will not be difficult.

– Easy maintenance. Linoleum flooring is easy to clean and tolerates well multiple cleaning, which makes it irreplaceable for rooms with high traffic, industrial areas and medical institutions.

Our services

Our fitters can help you to choose appropriate materials for your business. The cost of laying linoleum can be very different. It depends on the material used – household, commercial, natural linoleum. Our experts will help you make the right decision and find a balance between price and quality.

High-quality craftsmanship. Depending on the area, we choose the most suitable techniques for linoleum flooring: glue-free fitting, laying on double-sided tape or gluing. London Shopfitters use special equipment and tools, which allows you to get perfectly smooth and durable flooring. If the concrete base is uneven, we can pre-arrange screed works or self-levelling compound coverage.

Affordable prices. High-quality does not mean expensive. Our London Shopfitters carry out the laying of linoleum at competitive market prices.