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Painting and plastering are various types of surface finishes: painting walls, ceilings, floors, levelling and puttying.

Such procedures are necessary for the implementation of both aesthetic and practical functions

  • they protect the surface, as a result of which its service life is extended
  • its attractive appearance is preserved for a long time
  • the sanitary conditions of the building are in line with the latest health and safety standards.

Painting is carried out in several stages that include

  • site alignment;
  • sanding and wall-filling;
  • colouring.

For the painting of walls, ceilings and other surfaces, a lot of methods are used: standard or textured painting, art or pattern painting, as well as spray painting.

Materials for painting

The result depends on the professionalism of the specialist and the quality of the materials. Our shopfitters use high-quality compounds that have proven itself in puttying. The number of putty layers depends on the final coating. If it is painted, in addition to two base layers, a special finish is applied. Under the wallpaper, as a rule, only two base layers are sufficient. The choice of materials for painting is determined based on the type of surface and the desired result. For painting facades, walls, ceilings, and floors, different compositions are needed, so in each case, the optimal solution is selected. Walls and ceilings are painted with water-based or oil-based compositions, enamel paints are also used.

Why use us?

When painting required at the commercial property, at Shopfitters London you get a high-quality result at the best prices.

We offer a full range of works:

  • levelling and painting surfaces, including internal and external painting and plastering;
  • short notice works;
  • out of hours repairing;
  • selection of materials to obtain the optimal combination of price and quality;
  • only proven formulations with excellent performance are used.

In addition, our specialists paint walls and ceilings carefully, without damaging the furniture and other surfaces in the room.

After carrying out painting and plastering all waste materials are removed in compliance with the local council standards.

If you want to receive more detailed information, contact Shopfitters London. Our experts are happy to assist you.


The foundation of high-quality finish of any room is competently carried out plastering work. The plastering of ceilings and walls is performed using different materials such as multi finish plaster, as well as dry mixes. The desired type of plaster mixes is selected depending on the material of the base of the walls, the purpose of the room and the complexity of the work. Also, the use of mixtures is usually determined by the type of plaster (for external or internal works).


Shopfitter London uses manual plastering technique for walls and ceilings that are carried out in several stages:

Decoration & Painting

  1. Preparation of surfaces for further processing
    (at this stage, the ceiling or walls are cleaned from old finishing materials, and primer for the best adhesion of the base and mixture)
  2. Application of Hard Wall plaster or dab and dot plastering.
  3. Wall plastering. Application of multi finish plaster, which consists of several stages:
    - applying the solution to the surface;
    - smoothing the plaster layer;
    - removal of excess mixture;
    - the interval between application of the layers (each of which must dry thoroughly).
  4. Sanding the surface (its preparation for applying the finishing decorative coating).

Plastering services from Shopfitters London.

Our company offers the following services:

  • ceiling plastering;
  • wall plastering (depending on the type of base surface and the type of the room.

We are ready to perform “turnkey” plastering works of any complexity, contact us to get a quote today.

To assess the amount of works:

  • our specialist will carry out an inspection;
  • depending on the purpose and type of premises, appropriate plaster would be selected
  • after our plasterer will perform all the necessary work within the specified time frame.

We guarantee that the plastering of ceilings and walls made by our craftsmen will become an excellent and reliable foundation for the further decoration of your premises.