Shopping centre fit-out

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Carrying out commercial repair and construction works requires high-quality materials and experienced specialists.

For a comfortable stay in the mall, it is important to have appropriate:

  • lighting;
  • ventilation & air conditioning;
  • health and safety conditions.

Shopping centre

When performing repairs in the shopping centre, space layout needs special attention. All finishing materials intended for the design should be durable and high-quality. Shopfitters London recommend using high quality commercial materials to increase period of use. Of great importance is the lighting system, which helps to focus the attention of visitors to certain sections of the retail space.

Our company provides a wide range of works, including:

  • full or partial redevelopment;
  • commercial flooring and decoration work;
  • restoration of defects of external and internal coatings;
  • repairing or updating building shopfront;
  • shopfront glazing;
  • suspended ceilings and lighting;
  • increasing retail space and creation of new entertainment areas;
  • modernization of old or complete replacement of utilities and communications;
  • carrying out finishing works.

Repair and reconstruction allow to create an attractive appearance for the sales floor.

Requirements for shopping centre repairs.

Requirements for minor/major repairs of shopping centres can be external or internal. 

Requirements for external repairs include:

  1. Creation of a single design project for a shopping centre.
  2. Development of an individual style that will be recognizable among other trading floors.
  3. Designing important areas for visitors (waiting areas, meeting points, restrooms, etc.).
  4. Designing emergency exits based on the flow of visitors to the mall.

Requirements for internal repairs also need attention from the owners of retail space:

  1. Constant operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. There is no natural air circulation in the shopping centre. Thus, professionals must be involved in the design and installation of ventilation systems. Please note that shopping centres are not only selling clothing or bookstores, but also have grocery stores where the ventilation system is not limited to the supply and exhaust system.
  2. Continuous operation of water supply and sanitation systems. Shopping centres should have restrooms and mother and child rooms. Failure in the work of water supply or sewage may lead to flooding of the retail space.
  3. Installation of CCTV systems. The presence of cameras reduces the risk of theft. 
  4. Installation of fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems. The safety of a visitor to a shopping centre is a priority for the owner and tenant of commercial real estate. Installation of fire alarms is a specific legal requirement.