Beauty salon fit-out

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Every successful beauty salon or hairdresser must always maintain a unique atmosphere for clients. A comfortable chair and a skilled craftsman are insufficient if the room has an old floor covering, cracked plaster and looks neglected. Repairing a hairdressing salon requires special attention to the design and interior. The first impression that the visitor has determines if they come back.

Otherwise, the client will go to another salon or hairdresser with an unusual design and first-class specialists.
The repair of a beauty salon differs significantly due to its narrow focus. All the work of the beauty salon is aimed to attract visitors. Therefore, the interior must comply with these requirements. The design and style should be customer oriented.

Our fitters provide various repairs, including:

  • creating a new design of a beauty salon that is only opening or existing;
  • major/minor repairs of a beauty salon; 
  • repairs of separate rooms in a salon;
  • spa facility floor or room tiling.

Major Salon Repairs

The designer creates a detailed room plan with a marking for the location of sinks, sockets, mirrors, etc.

Complete renovation or fit-out of a beauty salon consists of:

  • repair or replacement of pipes and water supply. Hair salons require the proper operation of water and sewage facilities, as it’s in constant use;
  • suitable flooring;
  • replacement of old wiring.

Damage or demolition of the supporting structure during the repair of the beauty salon may lead to serious accidents or provoke the appearance of cracks. Hire professionals with qualifications to protect yourself from poor work.

Minor Salon Repairs

Minor repairs are popular for beauty salons. The owners are trying to redecorate, change the design or style. The new design helps the salon to:

  • extend the life of the premises;
  • to strengthen the positive impression of customers;
  • attract the attention of new visitors.

Usually, redecoration requires new wallpapers or repainting walls, replacing flooring, and transforming the ceiling. If you plan to add a service, there’s an option to add walls or elements from drywall to separate the space.

The versatility of beauty salons and the variety of services provided to the population dictate specific requirements for their equipment and arrangement. These are:

  • storage rooms with various equipment and devices;
  • creation of separate rooms adapted for various cosmetic procedures;
  • tanning facilities located in the building of a beauty salon should have a separate entrance and an individual ventilation system;
  • separate rooms require electricity, water supply, and heating. 

The utility systems should be aimed at creating maximum comfort for both the specialist and the client;

Many women visit beauty salons to rest and mentally restore. The environment should be calm and comfortable. 

It’s recommended to have several outlets next to the hairdresser’s chair to use at the same time clippers, hairdryer, curling iron, etc.

Also, do not forget to create a space for wardrobe equipment.

The price for beauty salon repair depends on:

  • area of the room;
  • type of repair and list of works;
  • type of building and its age;
  • number of bathrooms;
  • scope of electrical, plumbing;
  • finishing works, types of materials used;
  • terms of the project.

The final cost of beauty salon repair will also take into account all associated costs for the delivery of materials and the removal of construction waste.