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In the chain of restaurants or cafes, everything is quite simple, because all establishments are likely to be designed in the same style with slight individual differences. But if you open a new restaurant, then you should work hard on its design if you want customers to return.


The interior is one of the most important components of the image, which is why it is worth finishing and repairing cafes and restaurants so that their appearance increases the profitability of a restaurant or cafe.

After renovation, the restaurant will increase its popularity and attract new customers.

During the process of repairs, it is necessary to create a comfortable environment for the future operation of the premises, in accordance with the most fashionable trends. For new restaurants or start-ups, we recommend starting with a design project. Our designer can create the layout and visualization of according to your needs. We would assess the amount of upcoming works. It is also important to create an engineering project, which will demonstrate future utilities, equipment, systems. It is impossible for us to start works without these two projects – since all aspects must be agreed in advance. Restaurant repairs in London are carried out by many construction contractors. However, it is advisable to prepare

Today, the restaurant can be decorated using a variety of styles:

  • high tech
  • classic
  • Art Nouveau
  • minimalism
  • country

Stages of repair works:

What kind of works are usually carried out if the customer needs a turnkey restaurant repair?

  1. Design preparation of a project. If there is a need – coordination and preparation of a redevelopment project with the architect, discussion of all aspects with the customer. Designing all future engineering systems.
  2. Next, fitters begin to work – they carry out the dismantling of existing systems, replace wiring, and also carry out preparatory work (if required).
  3. After the preliminary work has been completed, the team proceeds with installation and finishing works.
  4. Then, the installation of technical equipment (kitchen, WC, stoves, etc.)
  5. Full cleaning, waste removal, and preparation of the room for interior decoration.
  6. Our designers carry out the design of the premises, which must be agreed with the customer. If necessary, the client can make his own amendments.
    For restaurant repairs, the cost is agreed at the beginning, after the preparation of architectural and design projects.

Restaurant fit-out

The main goal of restaurant owners who want to increase the popularity of their establishment is to create a unique, exceptional interior. High-quality repair allows creating a remarkable institution that distinguishes the restaurant from others in the city.

Restaurant fit-out

Restaurant repair cannot be carried out without design project, which is a guideline, relying on which we can quickly and efficiently complete the entire amount of work.

The design of the restaurant should reflect the ‘cuisine’, which can be British, American, European, French, Italian, Chinese, etc.

The format can be either a bistro restaurant or a cafe-restaurant, which also needs to be taken into account when planning the amount of work and materials required to create an attractive interior.

Qualified specialists quickly and effectively solve problems with the design and installation of:

  • ventilation and gas equipment;
  • sewage systems and water supply;
  • soundproof decorated restaurant.

The main component of cafe repairs.

Certain types of equipment, to operate, require the supply of:

  • electricity & gas;
  • water & sewage;
  • compressed air, etc.

For example, professional dishwashers need the correct arrangement of water supply and sewage systems. It is also necessary to correctly calculate the power of the electrical networks, the number of outlets and so on.

When fitting kitchens in commercial building it is worth considering requirements for:

  • fire and electrical safety;
  • hygiene safety & preparation cycle.

This should be taken into account when planning a layout and when choosing building materials. To avoid missing important details, use the services of a qualified company.

Types of cafe repairs:

To renovate cafe there are three main repair options:

  • complete & major renovation;
  • scheduled repairs;
  • redecoration.

Cafe fit-out​​​​​​​

Complete renovation is usually carried out if a new restaurant is opened or when major repairs of the facility are required. It includes all stages, starting from the replacement of utilities and finishing with furniture assembly. It can even be a complete reconstruction of the entire building (in case of structural defects). Such repairs involve designers, architects, engineers, and diversified specialists who are able to create a consistent action plan.

Renovations in a cafe usually start with utilities: replacing water pipes, re-wiring, gas engineering systems, etc.

Repairs may include redevelopment, wall levelling, joists replacement, etc.

Scheduled repairs are carried out annually or in accordance with the Headlease, depending on the characteristics of the facility. The cost of maintenance will be less, and it can be done less frequently if good quality materials are used and job completed by professionals.

During redecoration, the interior of the cafe undergoes minor changes. The work is carried out upon detection of any defects in the appearance of the premises. Cosmetic repairs include a small amount of work and take place in public catering establishments quite often. From our experience in such cases, it is required to refresh the finish, fix something, touch up, change or fit new furniture. This type of repair will renovate the appearance of the business.

Turnkey cafe repairs

Turnkey repairs of catering establishments start with thorough preliminary preparation and creation of a design project. If necessary, a redevelopment project is carried out, as well as its approval. Engineering communications systems are being drafted. After preparatory work and dismantling, starts cafe repair, installation, interior, and exterior decoration work. The necessary technical equipment is installed. Cafe repair is carried out with exact compliance of customer’s requirements. After completion of all work, deep cleaning is carried out. The success of a facility repair depends on the choice of contractor.

Top results can be achieved only with good quality materials, professional equipment and, of course, with experienced specialists. All this can be provided only by a reliable contractor. Our London Shopfitting team has years of experience in the commercial fit-out.