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Office Fitters London team undertakes office spaces from SHELL & CORE and transforms it into a suitable working environment.

Office Dilapidation Contractors

Our team would make your move out stress-free. Our Office Fitters carry out all necessary alterations to comply with the terms and conditions of the commercial lease at the end of your tenancy agreement.

We work with landlords and tenants to solve any maintenance issues and leave the property vacant in a good state while saving your costs.

Shopfitters London offers fit-out options for various office spaces:

Cat A fit-out

Functional empty space ready for a new lease or sale. Commonly used by landlords in Build to Lease investments. 

  • Raised flooring
  • Ceilings (suspended with a basic finish or grid ceiling)
  • Basic electrical services & fire detection systems
  • Basic internal finish (walls, ceilings, lobbies & reception areas)
  • Air conditioning & ventilation

Cat B fit-out

Custom-made office spaces, ready to move in the same day. 

  • Installation of office partitions
  • Installation of doors in meeting rooms & offices
  • Fitting kitchens, cafes & breakout areas
  • Bespoke furniture (tables, receptions desks, etc.)
  • Fitting branded signage
  • Branded design & decoration
  • Flooring (carpets, wooden floors, tiles, etc.)

The list can be extensive, and it is negotiated during the inspection of the premises. 

Summary of our FIRST FIX & SECOND FIX services:

  1. Decoration & Painting
  2. Design & Refurbishment
  3. Redevelopment & Renovation
  4. Partitioning & Plastering
  5. Utilities installation & replacement
  6. Carpentry & Woodwork
  7. Tiling and Flooring
  8. Ceiling & Lighting
  9. Bespoke Joinery (custom-made furniture)

Office repairs

The experience shows that space with accumulated tables, excessive office equipment and partitions separating employees causes demotivation and lack of inspiration. 

The best effect of increasing productivity achieved in a bright office space, decorated inspiring colours, personal items on the desk and with the possibility of a comfortable break (designated break rooms).

This will definitely have a positive impact and expand creative potential. The desire of employees to do something good for their company will increase its profitability.

Office Design

Office Design

Comfortable atmosphere and layout create a productive environment for employees in the office. The worn-out floors, scratched walls and stained ceiling kill the enthusiasm of employees, reduce interest in the work being done, and do not stimulate full dedication.The above reasons make the renovation necessary to motivate and inspire workers.

Office Redevelopment

Office Redevelopment

Offices vary in size. Changing the layout is advisable in offices with a large area. Typically, large office spaces are separated by partitions into several small rooms. For small office spaces with 3-5 employees in the office, it is advisable to avoid partitions. However, to separate the kitchen area from the working space, partitions can be used for effective zoning.

Partitions can be made of:

  • Glass or metal (external aesthetics & allows visual communication)
  • Drywall with a metal frame (with such partitions, the rooms are tightly separated)
  • Sandwich panels. Walls quickly constructed and rooms are tightly enclosed
  • Metal-plastic profiles with double-glazed windows

Office Flooring

Office Flooring

The strong footfall in the office requires the choice of hardware flooring. Ceramic tiles or Porcelain tiles are ideal. Carpets or linoleum will quickly lose its original appearance in office conditions. Wooden floor (parquet) in the office is an option, but the cost is high.

The main requirements for office flooring:

  • resistance to abrasion & mechanical damage;
  • environmental friendliness (the material is absolutely safe for people or the environment);
  • easy maintenance;
  • simplicity and speed of installation;
  • a wide range of options (colour, textures, classes);
  • reasonable cost.