Hotel refurbishment & fit out

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Once you have a design plan and architectural drawings for hotel refurbishment, we can discuss your choice of materials for decoration. We recommend using all finishing materials with increased wear resistance. This applies to all rooms and surfaces: room floors, bathroom tiles, the communal areas for guests such as hallway, lobbies, corridors, and reception areas.

Using materials with increased wear resistance reduces maintenance costs. Which leads to increased hotel profits.

Hotel interior fit-out

Hotel interior fit-out​​​​​​​

The interior decoration of hotels has special requirements for the repair. In addition to attractiveness, finishing materials should be safe, reliable and easy to care for. Suspended ceilings are often used in hotels in combination with different lighting. Decorative plaster is suitable for wall decoration in the hotel. In the corridors, the walls are usually painted, and the lower part is finished with MDF panels. To decorate the walls in the hotel rooms, good quality wallpapers are used.

London Shopfitters team has experience with various wallpapers – natural and textile wallpaper, rattan, bamboo, and lining.

Our craftsmen know which adhesives and mounting tools are best.

Hotel floors are fitted with commercial laminate or carpets. As well as natural stone and porcelain tiles for reception areas and lobbies. It is important that the flooring withstands frequent wet cleaning with detergents and is not slippery.

The reception area is subject to exposure 24/7, which should be especially taken into account when choosing floor coverings.

When repairing hotel rooms, it is advisable to install sound insulation. With the installation of thermal insulation, it is possible to significantly reduce heating costs. Well-designed and correctly installed ventilation and air conditioning system is a key in hotels. Details of these installations depend on the plan of the hotel and the layout of rooms in it.

5-Star hotels use expensive decoration materials. Luxury apartments should exhibit perfection and respectability. After all, the hotel is always under client’s appraisal. The interior design of good hotels may differ by minimalism and conciseness.

Another type of repairs that London Shopfitters offer is hotel decoration in a new built. In all cases, reliable and durable materials should be used. Due to a large number of people stopping in this building.

Our builders can perform:

  1. first fix, plastering, floor laying, plumbing, electrical work;
  2. second fix, wall painting, tile work, and much more.

Hotel Maintenance and Redecoration

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In the hotel redecoration, ceiling, floors, and walls are updated. In this case, the supporting structures are not affected, and the engineering systems are not changed. During busy times of hotel operation, it is often necessary to carry out minor repairs. Ongoing repairs are part of the hotel maintenance. It’s designed to attract more customers and keep the hotel business competitive.