Bank fit-out

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Our shopfitting team is ready to provide the following services to a bank:

  • Flooring (carpet, ceramic, vynil, etc.)
  • Carpentry & Bespoke Joinery
  • Room partitions & Painting
  • Ceilings & Lighting
  • Interior Fit-out


The internal and external design of a financial institution should be in the same style, to make it recognisable.

A bank stores confidential information with cash and sometimes valuable items. The specifics of bank repairs are primarily related to security. Design decisions must be consistent with safety standards and requirements. This applies to the bank layout. The ceilings and walls in storage areas made of reinforced concrete structures. For these rooms, special armoured doors are provided, with a certain level of resistance against burglary.

In the decoration of the bank, safe and fire-resistant materials are used. Also, banks are equipped with fireproof doors.

The most functionality and comfort ensured by a competent layout. When planning banks, part of the premises must be inaccessible for visitors and staff. Only a certain category of bank employees can get in there. Major redevelopment is required when placing a bank in an old building. In a listed building, repairs should not affect the original appearance of the historical architecture.