Wooden Windows

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In London, certain restrictions apply to commercial windows.  Conservation areas and listed buildings require the installation of wooden windows. Installation of windows requires specialized tools, knowledge and experience. The heat and sound insulation in the room depends on the quality of installation work.

Poor sealed joint or the use of low-quality insulation systems leads to:

  • the accumulation of moisture in the joint;
  • the formation of condensation;
  • the appearance of mould and fungus;
  • the above causing cracking of the frame.

If you need window installation in commercial or office premises, contact the professionals at NWL. Our team complies with all necessary standards.

Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in the installation of wooden windows. We are attentive to the features of each room in which we install windows, using modern equipment, reliable sealing, and insulation systems. We make installation of windows in accordance with all building standards. We provide a guarantee for all products and services.

Before starting installation work, it is necessary to prepare the premises. To protect furniture and existing equipment from dust, as well as provide installers with a working area.

What exactly should be done?

  • Provide full access to the window, remove furniture and items located next to the window.
  • Cover large furniture with plastic wrap.
  • Prepare the floor: lay dust sheets or Correx.


  1. Dismantling of old window structures.
    The window is removed with glass and the old frame is dismantled.
  2. Preparing the window opening for installation.
    The preparation of the opening. To provide smooth surface for installation and to clear the opening of building dust. This is an important stage that affects the insulating properties. Securing the window frame in the opening and levelling. The window frame is fixed in the opening.
  3. High-quality sealing of joints. After window installation, it is necessary to isolate the area of the mounting joint. To ensure noise and heat insulation, polyurethane compounds are used. To protect against external weather conditions and exposure to sunlight. For the internal level of sealing – a vapor-insulating tape is used. This combination of materials allows the window to have a long service life and to minimize the influence of environmental conditions on the mounting joint
  4. Hanging and adjusting window sashes.
    After installation, an additional check is carried out, and, if necessary, the adjustment of window sashes. When transporting and installing windows as a result of external influences, minor displacements of structural elements can occur. Therefore, checking the accuracy and ease of opening and closing windows is an important final step

Shopfitters London provides delivery and installation of windows for commercial premises in London.

You can order from us:

  • shopfront glazing and display windows;
  • installation of glass doors and partitions;
  • installation of windows and doors, entrance groups.

The main purpose of clear display windows is to improve the presentation of the product. Good visibility, effective lighting will attract more potential customers. When glazing windows, we use clear structures based on an aluminium profile.

The final window cost depends on the size, wood species, the number of frames and the type of opening, the presence/absence of a windowsill.