PVC-U Doors

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Burglar resistant and reliable UPVC doors

The reliability of the door structure increases with the use of high-quality fittings and double-glazed windows a lock with three crossbars and an improved trim with reinforced trunnions around the perimeter.

The double-glazed window itself also provides reliable protection against mechanical damage. The price of a PVC door depends on profile, size, configuration, and type of door.

Entrance uPVC doors are:

  • insulated with thermal profile inserts;
  • have reliable fittings and locks with protection against breakthrough.

UPVC Doors can be fully glazed, panelled (using shockproof and energy- efficient glass). PVC-U exterior doors can be with or without transparent, frosted or stained-glass glazing.

Advantages of UPVC doors:

  1. Strong, reliable and durable;
  2. Hygienic and do not require special care;
  3. Do not change the appearance, shape and operational characteristics throughout the entire period of use;
  4. Prove excellent resistance to various environmental influences;
  5. Provide perfect tightness, heat and sound insulation. And protection against dust and drafts.

Used in administrative buildings, institutions, business centres, sports and entertainment complexes, small retail outlets and offices. 

PVC-U Doors​​​​​​​