Wooden Doors

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Entrance wooden doors -  beauty and safety

When choosing entrance doors, pay attention to the structure, reliable locking mechanism and gaskets.

Wooden doors installed in commercial premises are treated with special compounds that reliably protect from mechanical damage and the influence of adverse natural factors. The cost of entrance wooden doors depends on many factors. You can get inexpensive designs from us.

Oak or meranti wood will be more expensive, but this is justified by

  • higher performance;
  • aesthetic characteristics;
  • longer service life.

The advantages of wooden entrance doors:

  1. environmental friendliness (FSC certification);
  2. optimal heat and sound insulation characteristics;
  3. reliability in ensuring safety;
  4. beautiful appearance that lasts for long.

When treated with special compounds, wood entrance doors are highly resistant to external influences and mechanical stress. Nowadays, wooden doors can be any size and appearance. It varies from:

  • the texture and quality of the wood
  • the selected species (pine, oak, etc)
  • decorative elements (panelling, decorative glass).

In the manufacture of entrance doors, our contractor companies use high-quality FSC wood.

Our craftsmen can produce products according to individual sizes, while always taking into account the opinions of customers, and if necessary, use their sketches. Choose the type of wood and colour in accordance with the wishes and style of your business.