Aluminium Doors

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Thermal & Non-Thermal options available.

Our company offers aluminium office and entrance doors with installation in London.

Non-Thermal Aluminium Doors.

Doors made of non-thermal aluminium profiles are installed in the internal premises (office and commercial buildings, industrial buildings). As well as the entrance to the premises without heating (utility and warehouse buildings). This type of profile is often used in the production of office partitions. Single or triple glazing available for this type of doors.

Thermal Aluminium Doors have three chambers (thermo-insulating inserts made of polyamide are located between the outer and inner chambers). Combined with a double-glazed window makes the door structure warm and quiet. This type is suitable for installation store entrance, office or restaurant, public building. Single or double chamber double-glazed windows are used. At the request of the customer, it can be equipped with special glass (energy-saving, triple glazed, etc).

Depending on the purpose of the doors and installation location, we can offer options with sliding, folding or classic swing fittings. Classic models are the most practical and inexpensive, universal and suitable for installation in buildings with various uses. Sliding structures are installed in offices, in restaurants and cafes at the terrace exits – they allow saving space around the opening, choosing a convenient option for arranging furniture. Folding makes it possible to completely free the passage, mounted in openings up to 6 m wide.

Diversity of colours!

Choose any colour for the best integration of the door into the interior of the office or building. The aluminium can be painted in any colour with more than 200 shades available to choose from. Coloured coating provides additional protection for the structure. Acting as a barrier for the negative effects of the external environment.

Advantages of aluminium doors

Comparing with wooden and plastic models, aluminium doors have several advantages:

  1. Reliable and durable, aluminium has a high resistance to corrosion;
  2. Strong and able to withstand large mechanical loads. Essential for places with high traffic (can be equipped with shockproof double-glazed windows);
  3. Fireproof. Due to fire resistance, used in the manufacture
  4. of fire doors.
  5. Hygienic and easy to care for (like UPVC doors);
  6. Provide good heat and sound insulation;
  7. Choice of colours and shades. Allows to choose an option that harmoniously complements the building.
  8. Have many options in a wide price range;
  9. Have a low weight;

Aluminium Doors​​​​​​​